A work of art in the classificatory sense is 1) an artifact 2) on which some person or persons acting on behalf of a certain social institution (the artworld) has conferred the status of candidate for appreciation. (Dickie, Aesthetics, 1971)

Art-On-Museums Seminar aims to exchange up-to-date discourse and museum practices in the field of contemporary art, especially focusing on the art geography in-between Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai-Great Bay Area, China from Alternative-Well Established-New-Branded museums. “ON” seems to be a common word in most contemporary art literacy such as Lucian Freud’s Thoughts “ON” Painting (1954), Sol Lewitt’s Paragraphs “ON” Conceptual Art Susan Sontag ’s “ON” Photography (1977), Damien Hirst’s “ON” the Way to Work (2001), Walter de Maria’s “ON” the Importance of Natural Disasters (2018), etc. Contemporary Art is “ON” Crisis that Gillick and Charlesworth critically comment on their thought Is this the End of Contemporary Art as We Know It? (ArtReview, 2020). Now it is our pleasure to have 4 museum practitioners, UIC alumni (Lynn, Jacey, and Vera) and Hermione from GDMoA, and share their experiences and extended trajectories to UIC students and staff.

Date: 5 May 2021 (Wed) 2021

Time: 1030-1230 pm

Venue: T5-105

Medium: Chinese/ English