The FILM SCREENING Series is organized by DCC-CTV. The aim of the FILM SCREENING is to raise awareness and promote international cinema in all its forms as art and entertainment, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue. An opportunity for students and professors to share their passion for cinema.

Film: FILM FEST (Director: Marshall Cook)

Date: 29 April 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 19:00

Venue: Rooftop of DCC (Between CC501 and CC502)/In case of rain: CC330


A guy who makes a 90s throwback film in 2020, only to discover that no one cares...except in the out-of-touch land of The Hollywilde International Film Festival of Cinema, where a flamboyant, washed-up filmmaker turned festival director provides a welcoming platform for all manner of Sundance rejects and experimental auteurs. The movie gives a mockingly accurate breakdown of the current state of the indie film industry and makes fun of everyone in it. Filmmakers and those who aspire to be filmmakers, along with their loved ones.