The MAD programme aims at preparing students to pursue creative excellence in a rich variety of professions, including, but not limited to, visual artists, digital artists, interactive designers, web designers, etc. Through rigorous visual arts, media and design training coupled with interdisciplinary collaborations, trans-media experimentations, and exchange activities, the MAD programme will give students a strong motive to develop beyond their comfort zones and explore the boundaries of their knowledge and abilities.

The ultimate goal of the MAD programme is to train its graduates to be the “conveyer” or “communicator” of messages to fulfil the need of national policy in regards to innovation. The objectives of the programme are:

•      To provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required for creating work of media arts and design.

•      To nurture future professional visual artists, digital artists and designers.

•      To educate future art historians and museum specialists with a global perspective on the media arts.