The Cinema and Television (CTV) programme of UIC, founded in 2006, was developed in conjunction with, and modelled after the curriculum of the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University, the largest and most important of its kind in the region.  The CTV programme aims to nurture a new generation of graduates with a global vision, professional knowledge, and production and research skills needed for the robust development of the media and creative industries in the Greater China Region and overseas.



Creative industries such as film, television, and new media are one of the important soft-powers behind a country’s cultural and economic development.  They play crucial roles in establishing the image of a country, region, or city and help nourish their people’s sense of humanity and belonging.  With the rapid growth in demand for professionals in film and television productions and studies in the global era, the CTV Programme meets the needs of the media and creative industries in the Greater China region.


The programme provides theoretical and practical courses and organised events and exercises to give students the opportunity to understand and engage in the film, television and new media industries. The knowledge and skills learned from the programme are concerned with creativity, writing and production skills, management, research and criticism.  These areas are built upon the College’s ideal of ‘Whole Person Education’, its underpinning educational philosophy, and serve to create experiential learning modules that develop and enhance diverse perspectives among the students.