There is a high and escalating demand for educated and well-trained professionals due to the rapid development of film, television, and new–media industries in the greater China region, and the ever-increasing demand for co-productions and co-arrangements between Hong Kong, the greater China region, and the English-speaking world. With a high level of English and Chinese proficiency, these professionals are required to be able to manage areas such as co-production agreements, contracting, marketing, distribution, exhibition, finance, production, advertising, and public relations, in the fields of film, television, and new media.

Currently, there is a substantial lack of such personnel in both the mainland and Hong Kong. The Programme is a response to this deficiency and seeks to rectify this difficulty through offering a high-level professional training programme, within an academic framework, which will train students for careers as producers and executives within the film, television, and new-media industries.

In addition to these four principles, this programme will employ a multifaceted pedagogic manner and method of teaching, as this will correspond better to the varied, and habitually applied nature of the subject-field. Consequently, the programme will not put its pedagogy into practice through a unitary manner and method, but, rather, through a variety of lectures, workshops, invited talks, demonstrations, colloquia, seminars and tutorials. This degree of managed heterogeneity is a mark of the programme’s disposition, aims, and spirit.

Study ModeFull-Time
Study Period 1 year2 years

Credit Unit Requirements for 


Students must complete a total of 27 units, i.e. 18 units of Core 

Courses and 9 units of Elective Courses

Tuition FeeHKD 120,000
Application FeeRMB 270
Official Medium of InstructionChinese
Study Location

Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United 

International College (Guangdong province, Zhuhai)

Core Courses Units
AF7410 Financial Management for Film, Television and New Media 3
AF7420 Promotion, Advertising and Distribution for Film,Television and New Media 3
AF7430 Law, and Film, Television and New Media 3
AF7440 Script Analysis for the Producer 3
AF7510 Fundamentals of Media Arts 3
COMM7010Foundations of Communication Study 3
Elective CoursesUnits
AF7450 Case Studies in Production and the Market 3
AF7460 Graduate Seminar on Film, Television and New Media Business 3
AF7470 Seminar on Non-mainstream Producing 3
AF7480 Film, Television, New Media and Globalization 3
AF7490 Media Management 3
AF7520 Interactive Media Design 3
AF7530Principles and Applications of Computer Graphics3
AF7540The Art and Practice of Digital Media3
AF7550Chinese New Wave Film Seminar 3
AF7560Multimedia Platform Program Positioning and Brand Building 3
AF7570Non-fiction Reality Shows’ Creation and Production 3
COMM7040Interculture Communication3
COMM7170 Communication Campaign Workshop 3
COMM7200 New Media Workshop 3
COMM7270Media Policies & Regulations3
COMM7300 Consumer Insights 3
MNGT7250Leadership and Organization Development 3
CTV7250 HongKong Television Seminar 3
JOUR7030 Media and Communication Research Methods 3
MKT7080 Marketing Management 3
FIN7080 Commercial Finance 3