From Nov 4-7, 2020, the First MAD (Media Arts and Design) MADONE exhibition was held. All exhibits were from MAD students.

The exhibition helped UICers interested in MAD to know more about on-campus artistic production. The concept of MAD may be different in everyone's mind, and it was those different ideas and their realization MADers wanted to show students. 

The name MADONE has multiple meanings. On the one hand, it combines the "MAD" and "DONE" parts, which means the exhibition is about works DONE before in the MAD courses. On the other hand, MAD regards all the people in the MAD program as ONE whole group. The MADONE exhibition created an unforgettable experience for all MADers.

MADONE provided a platform to show the young MAD Major to all UIC students and the general public. In the exhibition, many day-to-day works, tasks, and designs including animation, graphic design, installation, drawing, and painting were presented. Although the full name of MAD is Media Art and Design, MAD not only has painting classes, but also considers how to use media to create art. MAD considers creativity its critical asset!

Many teachers and students actively participated in the exhibition. Visitors to MADONE shared views on the works and were made to understand the content of the courses. Commentators at each art booth answered questions about the programme. By learning about the simple explanations of courses and related works, everyone gained a preliminary understanding of MAD.

MADONE curators hope all visitors were able to learn something from the exhibition. Besides just enjoying a moment of relaxation, a memorable experience provided for busy UICers. Looking forward to seeing more creative MAD works in next years!





Editors: WOLFG, Rachel