On December 7, 2020 the appointment ceremony for Dr. Jing Huan, permanent conductor of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and music director of Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra (Guangjiao affiliated Orchestra), was held in the concert hall of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou. The appointment ceremony was attended by Prof. Holger Briel, Dean of Culture and Creativity division of UIC, and Dr. Meng Fanqin, Assistant Professor in the UIC Music Performance Programme.

Prof. Holger Briel commended Dr. Jing Huan for her outstanding artistic achievements and bestowed the appointment letter on Dr. Jing Huan with the title of Adjunct Professor for the Music Performance programme. Meanwhile, Dr. Jing Huan expressed her warm thanks and heartfelt appreciation for UIC's appointment and visit. Prof. Holger Briel then stated that he believes that the newly founded Music Performance programme has a very bright future.

Dr. Jing Huan’s joining UIC marks the beginning of a strong collaboration between UIC and the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra in order to promote the Music Performance programme and improve the quality of music talent training at UIC. Both sides agreed to intensify the academic cooperation in the future. Prof. Briel extended a heartfelt invitation to Dr. Jing Huan to come to UIC on a regular basis for further exchanges and collaborations.

Dr.Jing Huan

Prof Holger BRIEL and Dr Jing HUAN