The MAD students have won the Tencent First Prize of Game Design Competition. On behalf of MAD programme, Dr. Purrie Ng, acting Programme Director of MAD, would like to express her sincere thanks to Oksanna and all MAD staff and AI for teaching and supporting the MAD students to build up their artistic and creative foundations. Also I would like to send congratulations to the MAD students and other teammate participated.

Team Members:
Yixun Guo/郭逸珣(UIC)
Junfeng Huang/黄俊峰(UIC)
Jingjing Zhang/张晶晶(UIC)
Xuan Zheng/郑璇(UIC)
Han Xiao/肖韩(Berklee College of Music)
Lin Huang/黄琳(Shenzhen University )     
 Tencent Game Deisgn Competition First Prize 2020
Organization:Tencent Youth Game Designer Challenge/  2020腾讯高校游戏创意制作大赛
Award: Excellent Prize/Best Popular Prize
Our Work: