Dear colleagues and students,

We are delighted to invite you to join the 5th 24 Frames & Creative Media Festival!

24 Frames is hosted by UIC Cinema and Television, centralized displaying students’ graduation works (including short films, scripts, papers). Creative Media Festival collects students’ creative media works from different areas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and invites industry experts to review and present the award. At the same time, we carry out various cultural and artistic feast to provide film and cultural exchange platform for participants with different background.

The theme of the 5th 24 Frames & Creative Media Festival is “language”- vision is our language, language is the medium. The opening ceremony of the 5th 24 Frames & Creative Media Festival will be combined with the show, such as singing and dancing performances. The President Wu Qinghui and other distinguished guests will deliver speeches and award a medal to the awarded work. All brotherhood academies, distinguished guests and media reporters will attend the conference. If you are interested to know more, welcome to follow our official Wechat subscription cmf24frames !

Please pay attention to the following activities:

24 Frames & Creative Media Festival

Time: 2018.5.17(Thur)~5.22(Tue)

Date   Activity  Time Venue 
5.17 (Thur) Exhibition Opening 13:00-14:00  CC324
Opening Ceremony 14:30-16:20 Performance Theatre
Forum 19:30-21:00 T2-101
5.18 (Fri) 24 Hour Filmmaking    
5.19 (Sat) Closing Ceremony 10:00-12:00 Performance Theatre
5.19 (Sat)~5.20 (Sun) 24 Frame Screening 18:00-21:30 Performance Theatre
5.21 (Mon)~5.22 (Tue) 24 Frame Screening 18:00-22:00 Performance Theatre

We invite you to participate in the sharing and exchange festivals, your participation is bound to give this event free and creative inspirations!

24 Frames & Creative Media Festival Committee