Dr. Fernando MARTIN PASTOR  
Assistant Professor  
Acting Programme Director/Assistant Professor of MUS  
office:     CC501-R5  

Dr. Fernando MARTIN PASTOR currently works as Acting Programme Director and an Assistant Professor of Music at UIC. He was a Fulbright Fellow in Music in the USA and studied at the University of Washington, University of California, and Tanglewood Music Center in Massachusetts attending lectures with Yo-Yo Ma, John Williams and Boston Symphony Orchestra. He later received the AHRB fellowship from the UK government and studied at King's College London (UK), Conservatorio Superior in Madrid (Spain), and IRCAM Centre Pompidou in Paris (France).

He has published articles on Igor Stravinsky and has given talks at McGill University (Canada), University of Birmingham (UK), and the University of Cambridge.

As a performer, he has been conducted the Morley College Choir (London), the German University in Cairo Orchestra, University of Washington Contemporary Players (USA), is also the assistant conductor of the Early Music Ensemble of the University of California.

Dr. Martin aims to promote new music exploring new territories in instrumental and vocal music, mixing genres, traditions, classical and popular music.