Janey HUANG Xiaowei

Dr Janey Xiaowei HUANG
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of MAD
office: CC505

Brief Biography

Dr. Huang’s teaching and research reflect her interests in Digital Media, Graphic Design and Communications. After a MA in Digital Media at the University of Sussex, she did a PhD in Communication at the University of Macau under the supervision of Prof. Tony Schirato. Dr. Huang currently teaches courses in Graphic Storytelling; History of Media Arts and Design; Art Media Fundamentals. Dr. Huang’s research papers have appeared in international academic journals, as well as on CSSCI indexed journal. In addition, her research papers have been accepted by many international associations and organizations, such as International Visual Sociology Association; Canadian Communication Association and IAMCR. Dr. Huang was invited to give presentations on her works in many countries, including the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Thailand. Apart from teaching and research, Dr. Huang also supervises students participating in competitions. Her students awarded the The First Prize & The excellent prize (Graphic Design Category) on The 6th National Universities Art and Design Competition in 2014 under Dr. Huang’s supervision. 

Education Background

PhD in Communication, University of Macau, Macau China

MA in Digital Media, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

BA in Video Art, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

Courses taught

MAD3123 Graphic Storytelling

MAD2033 History of Media Arts and Design

MAD2013Art Media Fundamentals

Selected Publications:


Journal Articles in English

1. Xiaowei Huang (2019). A Critical Review on Some Key Terms Taken from The Virtual Community by Howard Rheingold. Canadian Social Science 15(9) 2019, 46-52.

2. Xiaowei Huang (2019). Understanding Bourdieu - Cultural Capital and Habitus. Review of European Studies 11(3) 2019, 45-49.

3. Xiaowei Huang (2019). Is Photographic Image Represented the Reality? Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2(3) 2019.

4. Huang Xiaowei (2013). A Critical Study of the Contradictory Role of Women’s Magazine. Canadian Social Science 9(4), 184-205.

5. Huang Xiaowei (2011). The Mobile Phone: It has nothing to do with Identity in the Process of Cultural Practice. Cross-Cultural Communication 7(2), 229-234.

6. Xiaowei Huang (2009) “Korean Wave” –The Popular Culture, Comes as both Cultural and Economic Imperialism in the East Asia. Asian Social Science 5(8), 123-130.

7. Xiaowei Huang (2009) The Risk of Information Technology on Employment. Asian Culture and History 1(2), 108-112.

Journal Articles in Chinese

1. (CSSCI) 黄小薇(2019)“新媒体发展现状及趋势研究”。书评:《新媒体概论》

2. 黄小薇(2020)“数字媒体艺术,离艺术到底有多远?”《神州》第一期。

3. 黄小薇(2019)“人工智能、艺术创作、人才培养,三位一体的潜在发展趋势分析”。《教育现代化》第十期。

4. 黄小薇(2019)“人工智能,艺术与科学的较量”。《科技创新与品牌》第九期。

Conference Proceedings

Xiaowei Huang, (2017). A Hope for Ideal, but Only in its Imaginary. Proceedings 119-128. DIGICOM, International Conference on Digital Design and Communication, 10-11 Nov 2017, Teatro Gil Vicente, Barcelos, Portugal, ISBN 978-989-99861-5-2 

Grants and Projects:

Area of Interests

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Media Arts;

Media and Emotion;

Discourse Analysis;

Socio-Cultural Identity

Current Research

Discourse Analysis of Digital Media

Digital Technologies and Pandemic

Academic and Social Service:

Academic Activities

  1. MeCCSA Conference 2020, January 8th to 10th 2020. University of Brighton. (Role: Paper Presenter)
  1. The 5th SUIC International Conference, December 11th to 13th 2019. Silpakorn University International College. (Role: Paper Presenter)
  1. Media Ecology Association, June 27 to 30th, 2019. University of Toronto. (Role: Paper Presenter)
  1. International Visual Sociology Association, June 19 to 23rd 2019. New York, USA. (Role: Paper Presenter)
  1. Canadian Communication Association 2019, June 3 to June 6th, 2019. University of British Columbia, Canada. (Role: Paper Presenter)
  1. IAMCR 2018, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA. June 20-24, 2018. (Role: Paper Presenter)
  1. DIGICOM, an international conference on Digital Design and Communication, organized by the Design School of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, under the Master in Digital Design, November 2017 (Role: Paper Presenter on Video Presentation)
  1. International Conference on Social Sciences (ICONSOS), November 2017, NYC, USA (Role: Paper Presenter)
  2. The 6th New Zealand Discourse Conference 06 – 09 December 2017, Auckland University of Technology Auckland, New Zealand (Role: Paper Presenter)
Awards and Honors:

Excellent Supervisor – The 6th National Universities Art and Design Competition 2014, China