Dr Oksana Kryzhanivska
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of MAD
office: CC501-R12

Oksana Kryzhanivska holds a Ph.D. in the Computational Media and Design and a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture. Her Ph.D. research at the intersection of art, design, and computer science resulted in publications and exhibitions at the international conferences ISMAR, ISEA, ICME, The Image, and ACM MM. Oksana’s responsive multi-sensory installations have appeared in numerous public exhibitions and have been featured in the Canadian Art Magazine (2017). Additionally, Oksana exhibited in top tier Canadian art museums, the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie and The Nickle Arts Museum.
Her interests include tactile interaction, embodiment, motion, non-verbal communication, perception, manufacturing process, aesthetic experience, touchable art, haptic technology, projection with anamorphosis, mixed reality, virtual sculpture, artificial intelligence in art, 3D printing, coding, sensory feedback, and electronic art.