Dr Yuan YUAN
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of MAD
office: CC502-R31

Dr. Yuan received her Master’s degrees in University of Edinburgh and Ulster University in Design and digital media, and Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations respectively. She received her PhD degree in Communication studies in Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017 and participated the PhD student exchange programme in Lund University (Sweden). She was the lecturer in Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus. The research experience, conference participation, teaching experience including Final Year Project supervision may enhance the teaching and research. She specializes in new media studies and culture industry research.


2015.03-2015.06       Visiting PhD student in Lund University, Sweden

2013.09- 2017.11      Ph.D in Communication studies, Hong Kong Baptist University

2007.09-2008.12       MSc Design and Digital Media, The University of Edinburgh, UK

2006.09-2007.11       MSc Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, University of Ulster, UK

Professional Experience

2017.09 -                   Assistant Professor, Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College

2013.09 - 2015.01     GA in School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, HK

2009.09 - 2013.08     Lecturer in International Business Faculty, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai

Courses taught

History of Media arts and Design

Communication Research Methods

Introduction to Communication Theory

Applied Ethics in Culture and Creativity Industry

Principles of Creative Arts Management

Concepts in Contemporary Arts

Selected Publications:


  • Yuan, Y., Kun, Fu, & Venter, B. P. (2019). Ethics as a Game? Towards a Framework for Game Design. Sociology Mind, 2019, 9, 135-150.
  • Yuan, Y. & Wu, Z. Y. (2016). The smiling content production chain: The evolving features and trajectories of the content industry. On Economic Problems, 11, 8-12,117. [in Chinese].
  • Yuan, Y. (2011). Spiral of change: The complexity and diversity of public opinions. Journal of Shanxi Normal University, 38(2), 152-154. [in Chinese].
  • Yuan, Y. (2008). The design concept of mobile flash advertising. Sci-Tech Information. Development & Economy, 35, 75-77. [in Chinese].
  • Yuan, Y. (2008). The changing environment with the adjustment of marketing strategy. Cang Sang, 6, 125, 253. [in Chinese].
  • Yuan, Y. (2007). The corporate social responsibilities: the balance between business ethics and economic interest. CangSang, 4, 117-118,141. [in Chinese].

Conference Papers

  • Fu, K., Yuan, Y., Mai, L., & He, J. (2020). A Study of Motivation for Playing Computer Games at Tertiary Education Level in China. In European Conference on Games Based Learning. Academic Conferences International Limited.
  • Fu, K., Yuan, Y., Mai, L., & He, J. (2020). A systematic literature review to identify empirical evidence on the game design framework and model of games. In European Conference on Games Based Learning. Academic Conferences International Limited.
  • Yuan, Y., Fu, K., & Venter, B. P. (2019). Constructing a Game Design Framework for Ethics Teaching. Paper presented at the 102 Annual Conference The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), Toronto, Canada.
  • Yuan, Y. & Fu, K. (2019 May). A Study of Motivation for Playing Computer Games at Tertiary Education Level in China. Paper presented at the 2nd IT and eLearning expo cum the 23rd International Conference on ISO and TQM (23-ICIT), Zhuhai, China.
  • Yuan, Y. & Fu, K. (2018 June). Game-based Learning in Media Education: enhancing teaching effectiveness and student engagement. Paper presented at the International Association for Media and Communication Research, Oregon, U.S.
  • Fu, K., Hainey, T., Gavin, B., & Yuan, Y. (2016 September). An Analysis of Learners’ Motivations and Attitudes for Playing Computers for Learning in the Chinese Hotel Industry. Paper presented at the 6th Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
  • Yuan, Y. & Fu, K. (2016 July). The Exploring the relationship between spectators’ personality traits and gratification experiences of watching online game streams. Paper presented at the International Association for Media and Communication Research, Leicester, UK.
  • Yuan, Y. (2015 October). The features of intergroup emotions and its antecedents in social media. Poster presented at the 2015 International New Media Forum, Shanghai, China.
  • Yuan, Y. (2015 December). The Impact of Negative Intergroup Contact on The Intergroup Emotions and The Diversification of Intergroup Emotions. Paper presented at the Chinese Communication Forum, Chongqing, China.
  • Zhou, Y. N. & Yuan, Y. (2014 December). Correlations between SNS addiction and third person effect. Paper presented at the 100th National Communication Association annual convention, Chicago, US.
Grants and Projects:

Research Projects:

  • 2017年教育部与中青朗顿(太湖)教育文化科技股份有限公司产学合作协同育人项目 项目名称:数字化教育环境下媒体艺术与设计课程教学方法设计—基于校企合作模式的视角 (No. 201702126050 ICAD(3-3))主持人Principal Investigator
  • 2018.3.1-2021.2.28 UIC granted research project. Project name: Design and Evaluate Serious Game Application for Teaching Media Courses (Category III重点项目)

Research Interests

Media psychology, media effects in the digital age, media use and communication behavior, social influence on media content, game studies

Academic and Social Service:


2020.9-         DCC representative for Teaching Enhancement and E-learning Committee

2018-            Reviewer: Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education

2018-2019   TEDxUIC mentor

2017-              Researcher: Zhuhai Innovative Cultural and Creative Industry Research Institute

Awards and Honors:


2011.11         Advertising professional (China Advertising Association)

2010.09        University Teaching Qualification (Department of Education of Guangdong Province)

Honors & Awards

Excellent Instructor by Times Young Creative Awards from Want Want China Times