Dr. Li ZHI 1

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of CTV
office: CC503-R2

Brief Biography

Dr. Li ZHI is an assistant professor in CTV. She obtained her Ph.D. in Media and Communication from City University of Hong Kong.  Before that, she received her BA from Peking University. Dr. ZHI’s research interests lies in the political economy of media production, media events, and new media. She teaches courses like Television and Chinese Society, and TV studies.

Education Background

Ph.D. in Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong, HKSAR, China

B.A. in World History, Peking University, Beijing, China                                                                     

Area of Interests

Political economy of media production

Media events and media ritual

Television and media convergence

Selected Publications:

Publications / Exhibitions / Curation

ZHI, Li and Liang, Limin. (2018). Media Improvisations and Bureaucratic Tensions in China: Transcending Media Control and News Routines in Disasters. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Annual Conference. Washington, D.C., US.

ZHI, Li. & Liang, Limin. (2016). Professional struggles in Conflict reporting in China: a case study. Paper presented at International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference. Fukuoka, Japan.

ZHI, Li. (2015). Professional struggles in Conflict reporting in China. Paper presented at The Sixth Honors Symposium for Asian Ph.D. students in Communication Research. 

Grants and Projects:

Current Research

Project:  Health crisis and public ceremonies on social media

Awards and Honors:

Awards and Certificates Awards / Honors

Postgraduate Studentship, UGC-allocated funds of Hong Kong government (2014-2017)

Outstanding Academic Performance Award, CYCSGS, City University of Hong Kong (2015-2016)

Postgraduate Studentships, Department of media and communication, City University of Hong Kong (2013-2014)               

Tuition Scholarships, Department of media and communication, City University of Hong Kong (2013-2014)