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Mr Dominic Doh-Ming MAN
Associate Professor
Acting Programme Director of CTV
office: CC502-R25

(M.A., Memphis State University, USA; Associate Professor of CTV) For over 30 years, Dominic Man worked as a commercial film producer, multimedia controller, TV program producer, documentary producer/director, and creative writer and translator. He also worked as an English language instructor concentrating in Teaching English as a Second Language. He joined United International College in spring of 2008. Courses taught: Production and Media Management, Film and Television History, Studies in Asian Cinema: India, Korea, Japan, Aesthetics of Film and Corporate Video Production.

Master of Arts (1978)
Department of Communication Arts (Radio/TV/Film)
Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Bachelor of Arts (1975)
Department of Communication (Educational Media/Film)
Hong Kong Baptist University

Employment History
1. 2008 to Present
Associate Professor, Acting Programme Director of Cinema and Television Programme
BNU-HKBU United International College
2. 2009 to 2011
Acting Director of Media and Public Relations Office
BNU-HKBU United International College
3. 2002 to 2007
Self-employed (Media Producer/Director/Writer/Translator)
Employment History
4. 2000 to 2002
PICO Company (Singapore)
Multimedia Controller (Hong Kong Museum of History)
5. 1992 to 1999
Video Production Manager, Hong Kong Jockey Club
6. 1987 to 1991
Producer/Director (Documentaries, TV Commercials and Corporate Videos)
Video-Film Productions Limited (HK-TVB)
7. 1985 to 1987
Production Manager (Corporate Video and Shows & Exhibitions)
Hong Kong Ocean Park
8. 1980 to 1985
Programme Producer/Director (Documentaries and Public Affairs Programmes)
Radio and Television Hong Kong
9. 1979 to 1980
Producer/Director (Television Commercials and Corporate Videos)
Hong Kong Films Limited. 

Grants and Projects:

Research Project
(May 2019 to May 2021; Funding: RMB150000)