Dr Barend Pieter Venter
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of CCM
office: CC502-R29

Dr. Ben-Piet Venter has been lecturing Marketing, Public Relations, and other related business subjects in South Africa, South Korea, and China since 1997 after he spent 15 years working in the fields of advertising, public relations and marketing in South Africa and Namibia. Dr Venter has delivered lectures by invitation at several universities in the USA, Europe, and South East Asia. He has published several peer reviewed papers and textbooks on marketing communication and has consulted with some major South African-based multinational companies, one of which is Media 24, a large shareholder in the tencent group. His passion is unlocking the potential of students who will be future business leaders.


Research Interests

Strategic management, strategy, planning, ethics, symbols, public relations, marketing, customer service, authenticity in tourism and hospitality 


Academic qualifications

Doctor of Technology in Marketing

Realignment of public relations in the value chain for improved organisational ethics in  South Africa 

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Master of Technology in Public Relations Management (Cum Laude)

The role perceptions of public relations practitioners in South Africa 

Cape Peninsula University of Technology


Honours BA 

North-West University

BA Communications (Cum Laude)

North-West University
Professional certifications
Certificate in teaching English as a foreign language
International TEFL and TESOL Training
Certificate in teaching Business English
International TEFL and TESOL Training
Selected Publications:

Publications: Peer reviewed journals 

1. Venter, B.P., Guo, B. & Chen, Y. (2020) Art and culture in Chinese corporate responsibility: A qualitative enquiry. Sociology Mind, 10, 70-81.

2. Wojtczak, R. & Venter, B.P. (2020). Understanding globalization through cultural paradoxes: Chinese youth and “2 Broke Girls”. China Media Research, 16(1). (pp. 18-28)

3. Yuan, Y., Fu, K., Venter, B.P., & Hainey, T. (2019). Ethics as a game? Towards a framework for game design. Sociology Mind, 9, 135-150.

4. Venter, B.P. Public relations in a post- truth world: A value chain approach. Modern Communication (Leading CSSCI & Core Academic Journal in China). Published by in Chinese by the Communication University of China.) 2017 (pp. 45-49).

5. Venter, B.P. & Louw, F. Mission statement development and implementation in South Africa: Mission Impossible? Alternation: Interdisciplinary Journal. Special Edition 5 (2012) 27-56.

6. Wang, Y.C., Venter, B.P., & Huang, C.H. The relationship between customer satisfaction, social responsibility, and long-run financial performance. TD: The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa. 8(2) 2012 167-187.

7. Venter, B.P. & Louw, F. Is public relations without a future? A South African perspective. Sociology Mind. Vol. 2(3). July 2012 (pp.293-301).

8. Venter, B.P. Views of PRISA-members on South African public relations: An exploration. Public Relations Review, 36. 2010 (pp. 281–284).

9. Venter, B.P. & Van der Merwe, J. Can public relations put the trust back into organisations? Communitas. Vol. 14: 2009. ISSN 1023-0556 (pp. 151-168).

10. Van der Merwe, J. & Venter, B.P. A rose is a rose: PR is PR and marketing is marketing: or is it? Journal of Business and Management Dynamics. July 2008 (pp. 1-13). ISSN 2413-4430

11. Van der Merwe, J. & Venter, B.P. Reflections on the state of public relations in the South African marketplace: a research survey. Communitas, Vol. 9: 2004. ISSN 1023-0556 (pp. 133–151). 

Publications: Textbooks 

1. Venter, B.P. 2012. Marketing and Public Relations: Partners in Spin, or Value Drivers? LAP Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-8433-6887-2

2. Venter, B.P. & Richter, B. 2002. Business Practice for National Intermediary Certificate. Published by Future Managers. Used in Further Education and Training Colleges as textbook. 

3. Venter, B.P. Marketing Communication. 2000. Published by Future Managers. ISBN 11- 919786-21-X. 

Grants and Projects:

Authenticity in tourism and hospitality

Awards and Honors:

Awards and honors


Voted most popular teacher by 2017 cohort of Public Relations graduates at UIC.

Award of excellence in teaching 

Awarded on 3 September 2009 by SolBridge International School of Business (an AACSB accredited business school in Korea)