CCM graduates have been employed by a variety of enterprises in the media, tourism, advertising and commercial sectors, and in positions ranging from Project Executives, Sales Executives, to Assistants in Creative Industries organizations that specialize in marketing, media, exhibition, travel, as well as promotion. They could also work as Event Assistant, Management Trainee, Graduate Trainee, Assistant Museum Curator, Public Relations and Marketing Assistant Coordinator, and so on.

Upon graduation, CCM students can further their studies in postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, and overseas, such as US, UK, Australia or other European countries. Some of the available programmes include: marketing studies, design, visual arts culture, business administration, international business, tourism management, city planning and administration, cultural heritage and sustainable development, as well as Chinese studies or languages.


Further Study

Graduates are also encouraged to pursue their postgraduate studies in Hong Kong or abroad. The curriculum of the programme meets international standards. In addition, using international and popular textbooks for our courses and conducting the lectures in English help students gain an advantage in pursuing further studies.