DCC will cultivate future professionals and leaders in the cultural and creative industries in China and the world. These leaders will develop their professional knowledge, social consciousness, and personal skills in an interdisciplinary learning environment. This will contribute to the future success of liberal arts education as pioneered by UIC.



Our undergraduate education in the field of culture and creativity is based on world-class interdisciplinary education, which will meet the market demands and will support the economic development and growing globalization of Mainland China. We will realize our vision by:

  1. Providing students with comprehensive professional knowledge and suitable practical skills that will nurture talented creative graduates who have an international outlook, as well as all-round skill sets;
  2. Equipping students with the critical and analytical skills that will prepare them for making a positive contribution in the real world;
  3. Preparing students for successful postgraduate studies and/or professional careers;
  4. Preparing students to fulfill their destinies as future leaders in the cultural and creative industries.