United International College (UIC), situated in Zhuhai and jointly founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), is the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between the Mainland and Hong Kong. UIC shoulders the historical mission of advancing the internationalization of Chinese higher education and taking the lead in implementing liberal arts education in China, and also to build a new model for liberal education in Mainland China and to nurture talented future graduates with international perspectives. A new Division of Culture and Creativity aims to offer a comprehensive, transformative and multidisciplinary approach to the studies of culture, media, design and creative industries. A range of programmes with a strong creative and practical focus will be offered by Division of Culture and Creativity, including the Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Media Arts and Design; the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Cinema and Television, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Culture, Creativity and Management, and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Performance.

Culture, Creativity and Management:

The general aim of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Culture, Creativity and Management degree programme is to equip students with a solid foundation in principles of business management and prepare them for future careers in the art and design fields within the cultural industries. Graduates are in a strong position to gain employment with private and public companies in Hong Kong, mainland China, or abroad, and also in many government departments. They may be employed by cultural enterprises, tourism organisations, entertainment enterprises, heritage groups, consulting companies, private and public corporations, and government agencies.

Cinema and Television:

The programme provides theoretical and practical courses and organised events and exercises to give students the opportunity to understand and engage in the film, television and new media industries. The knowledge and skills learned from the programme are concerned with creativity, writing and production skills, management, research and criticism.

Media Arts and Design:

The programme aims to foster a new generation of graduates with global vision, professional knowledge, creativity and research skills required for the robust development of media arts and creative industries in China and abroad. Its programme curriculum offers a theoretical and production-intensive education for students who are committed to pursuing the visual arts, audio-visual and/or interactive arts and design as a career path.

Music Performance:

Founded in 2020, the Music Performance is a programme of Division of Culture and Creativity. The programme focuses on training musicians, providing opportunities for them to develop a variety of professional skills and understandings across a range of practical and theoretical aspects of music.

A four-year comprehensive study provides students with advanced skills and a deep knowledge on instrumental playing, helping them become creative graduates who have an international outlook, as well as all-round skill sets.

The programme will cultivate future professionals and leaders in the cultural and creative industries in China and the world. These leaders will also develop a social consciousness, and personal skills in a global environment that meet the market demands. This will contributeto the future success of liberal arts education as pioneered by UIC.

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